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From Videography to Photography to Animation, we are your high-quality media experts.

Web Development

The Chart Group provides the future-proof websites businesses need to better serve their customer's needs as the web evolves.


Your satisfaction is just as important as your finished product. We will work with you every step of the way to ensure quality and expectation.


The Chart Group is a specialized team of media professionals specializing in HD Video, Aerial Content, Photography, Animation, Website Development, Analytical Web Studies, and creating lasting Business Relationships.

We can bring your vision to life or help develop concepts that work for your business. The collaborative process here at The Chart Group begins with communication and understanding and results that you can trust.


The Chart Group will show your story through movement, sound, and emotion.


Nothing conveys a message like a well­crafted video. Our team combines decades of experience to tell the right story for your audience in a way that never seems dated. Whether your goal is to sell, educate, or visualize, we will partner with you from start to finish. Video production is science, and it’s art. And it’s what we love to do.

The Chart Group is focused on more than what's just in the lens.

Web Development

Charting the course for websites through modern web development.


Web Development is always changing. The marked out territories that were once safe no longer are. The web we find today, is not the web we will find tomorrow. The ground is constantly moving beneath the feet of the industry. It is a full-time job to keep pace with the changing boundaries. We lead companies like yours through the complex web that is the internet. We don’t want to give you what you don’t need, or won’t use. We don’t want to sell you a site today, that was built for the web 5 years ago. We use modern tools and modern practices to create relevant web applications for today’s web.

The Chart Group keeps your business current with modern web advances.


Food, Events, Products, Portraits, Aerials, and more. We capture it all.


Everyone and their cousin owns a camera today. This simple fact does not make someone a photographer. Through years of training and experience with lighting, composition, and technical know how, The Chart Group can guarantee results through our images. Whether it’s making food look delicious, capturing the energy of an event, selling your product, making an environment look inviting, etc, The Chart Group's Photography staff can achieve this through our images and we are not afraid to push the limits doing so.

The Chart Group provides professional photography for any application.


The union of art and science to create a new visual experience.


Sometimes you need to visualize something in a way that can’t be done with a camera, whether it’s an abstraction, a process, or the inside of an engine in operation. That’s where animation comes in. We have the ability to realize any idea, whether it’s Mograph, 2-D, or 3-D animation. Our skillset includes environmental visualization, character animation, and dynamic simulation. If we can imagine it, we can make it move.

The Chart Group tells your story by any possible means.


Teamwork is the element that sets us apart from the competition: working together in different media and coming together under one roof.


Blake Williams

Creative Director

Chris Nelson

Production Manager / Lead Photographer

Alisa Myers

Senior Video Editor

Joshua Jourdain

Senior Web Developer

Robert Smith


Wendi Smith

Vice President

Brent Levesque

Sales Representative

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Chart Portfolio

A glimpse of what we can create for you business.

A Sampling of the Chart Group's Work

The Chart Group prides itself in some of the best media and web the industry has to offer. Here are a few samples of our fine work.


Tour Video Network and HitChecker are two services of The Chart Group.


The Chart Group offers our clients products that aid them in marketing their business, both on the web and abroad. We aim to extend your marketing presence beyond the confines of traditional networking, with the production of high quality content and technological innovation.


Tour Video Network is produced by The Chart Group Inc. Tour Video network hotel-based in-room visitor's channel product that runs in Charleston, SC, Savannah, GA and Asheville, NC. This In-room product is the best way to catch your potential clients’ attention and direct both visitors and locals alike to your business. TVN also features a mobile-friendly web portal that allows viewers to search for destinations, map their trip, make reservations, and learn about your business. To learn more, contact us directly or visit Creating advertising models that work!


HitChecker is simply fast and easy web analytics. Here at The Chart Group. You’ll see instant proof how well your Online Marketing is working (or not) for your business. In 1-click, you'll see how effective your Website, Social Media, & Online Marketing are really working. If you market your business online, you need HitChecker. Know what and who is looking at your business and make decisions that matter. To learn more, contact us directly or visit


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PO Box 1088 Johns Island, SC 29457
Office: 843.557.1918
Sales: 843.557.1918
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We want to help you with any media or web development questions that you may have. Call us today! Thank you for looking at our on-line business. Please call us and lets see how The Chart Group can help you understand more about how media can help you and your business grow.

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