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Hear what Bulldog Tours Owner has to say about us:

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Hear what Bulldog Tours Owner has to say about us:

The Chart Group offers many ways for businesses in Charleston, South Carolina - Asheville, North Carolina - and Savannah, Georgia to grow their companies.  One of those ways is with Tour Video Network.  Tour Video Network is a large network of hotels and visitor centers that play our self produced and very high quality show 24/7.  Some call it a visitor's channel.. which is fine but we like to think of our show as an experience.  We inform the visitors / viewers in these hotels where the best places to eat are located, where they can take a tour to see the city, where the best places to shop are, family activites, historical sites, and the list goes on and on.  We asked one of our clients (John LaVerne of Bulldog Tours) what he thought about Tour Video Network and this is what he had to say:   

Chris Nelson

Photographer / Videographer / Production Manager. Received a degree in photography in 2009. Has since been published in numerous national and regional publications such as HGTV magazine, Cottages and Bungalows, Charleston Magazine, Grand Strand Magazine, House Calls, Charleston Wedding. Resides in Hollywood, SC with my wife and 2 rad boys. Enjoy playing music, fishing, and Game of Thrones.